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Frankfurt, officially Frankfurt am Main, is the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth-largest city in Germany.

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Situated on the Main River, Frankfurt is a major financial hub that hosts the European Central Bank and several other important financial institutions.

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Frankfurt is known for its impressive skyline, which features many skyscrapers and earns the city the nickname 'Mainhattan'.

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The city has a rich cultural scene, with numerous museums, theaters, and galleries, including the St├Ądel Museum, which houses an extensive collection of European art.

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Frankfurt's historic old town, known as Altstadt, is home to picturesque squares, medieval buildings, and the iconic Frankfurt Cathedral.

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In addition to its financial and cultural significance, Frankfurt is a major transportation hub, with one of the busiest airports in the world, Frankfurt Airport.

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The city is also famous for its annual trade fairs, including the Frankfurt Book Fair, the world's largest book fair, and the Frankfurt Motor Show, one of the largest auto shows.

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Frankfurt is a diverse and multicultural city, with residents from over 180 different nations contributing to its vibrant atmosphere.

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The local cuisine in Frankfurt features traditional German dishes such as schnitzel, sausages, and pretzels, as well as international cuisine from around the world.

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With its blend of modernity and history, Frankfurt offers visitors and residents alike a dynamic and exciting urban experience.